Proser Ca

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪)

Organic Carbon (OC) : 5

Calcium liquid(CaO) : 12.5

Instructions for use

Liquid Fertilizer Spraying (kg per hectare)
time of use

Celery, leafy vegetables, ornamental plants, lettuce

2-4 liter Per hundred liters
Simultaneously with vegetative growth


2-3 liters per hectare
Along with herbicides

- Flower cultivation

4 liter Per hundred liters
After planting

Watermelon, melon, pepper, mulberry

2-4 liter Per hundred liters
After fruit formation


4-2 liters per hectare
Simultaneously with vegetative growth

Greenhouse products (tomato, cucumber, etc.)

4-3 liters per hectare
After fruit formation
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– PROSER CA is a specific fertilizer to enhance the quality and shelf life of the product. The calcium in this fertilizer is efficiently transferred and absorbed by plants due to the low molecular weight of carboxylic acids.

Fertilizer registration number: 50010

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