Fish Liquid Fertilizer

Fish Liquid Fertilizer

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪)

Nitrogen Total (N) : 4.20

Phosphorus Soluble in Water (P2O5) : 3.72

Potassium Soluble in Water (K2O) : 3.97

Organic Matter (OM) : 9.18

Organic Carbon (OC) : 5.34

Amino Acids Total : 6.06

Free Amino Acid Content: 1.94

Instructions for use

Irrigation (per hectare)
soluble Fertilizer (per 1000 liters of water)
In orchards, olive, and pistachio
5 to 10 liters
3 to 5 liters
50 liters
5 liters
5 to 10 liters
1.5 to 2 liters
Decorative Plants, Ornamental
4 to 7 liters
2 to 3 liters
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arezouye Bahar fish liquid fertilizer is a leading  and innovative product in the field of agricultural fertilizer production. This fertilizer, with a balanced blend of macro and micro nutrients, provides essential elements for plant growth. Its high-quality composition includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, and various trace elements.

Advantages of liquid fish fertilizer:

Increasing the resistance of the plant during the occurrence of environmental stresses – increasing the quantity and quality of the product – increasing the absorption of micronutrients – increasing the speed of the product ripening – accelerating the formation of aerial organs – increasing the shelf life of the product after Harvesting – help to balance soil microflora

Fertilizer registration number: 93143

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