MC NPK Eco 2-4-10

MC NPK Eco 2-4-10

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪)

Total Nitrogen (N): 1.85

Organic Nitrogen (ON) :1.85

phosphorus Soluble in Water (P2O5):4

Potassium Soluble in Water(K2O): 9.50

Humic acid :0.50

Free Amino Acid: 2

Instructions for use

soluble Fertilizer
Irrigation fertilizer
Vegetables and strawberries
400-300 milliliters per hectoliter
20-40 liters per hectare
Citrus and fruit trees
500-300 milliliters per hectoliter of grapes
20-40 liters per hectare
Olive trees
500-300 milliliters per hectoliter
20-40 liters per hectare
Grains and forage crops
3-5 liters per hectare
20-40 liters per hectare
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Advantages of using MC NPK Eco 2-4-10

: Protein-based fertilizer, free from chemical fertilizers, contains natural amino acids, humic acid, and organic materials, increases absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, unclogs soil and improves absorption of other nutrients, strengthens growth, induces flowering, fruit formation, and increases fruit size

Fertilizer registration number: 33433

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