MC Biotruck

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪)

Nitrogen Total (N): 3.97

Ammonium nitrogen(N-NH4) :2.26

Organic Nitrogen (ON): 0.87

soluble copper (Cu): 0.25

soluble zinc (Zn):0.36

soluble molybdenum (Mo):0.11

soluble Boron(B) : 0.15

Free Amino Acid :5.51

Instructions for use

soluble Fertilizer
Irrigation fertilizer
10-20 milliliters per hectoliter
10 liters per hectare 3 to 4 times per cycle
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Advantages of using MC Biotruck

Bio-protectant inducing plant resistance, rich in micronutrients, secondary growth stimulation in woody plants, increased plant resistance to environmental stress, enhanced growth, prevention of physiological deficiencies.

Fertilizer registration number: 55517

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