MC Biofert

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪)

Nitrogen Total (N) : 4.23

Organic Nitrogen (ON) : 3.69

Ammonium nitrogen (N-NH4) : 0.91

Phosphorus Soluble in Water (P2O5) : 0.46

Calcium soluble (Ca) : 0.12

soluble sulfur (SO3) : 0.32

Total potassium (K2O) :0.11

Total Amino Acid : 16.37

Free Amino Acid : 11.49

Organic Carbon(OC) :13.31

Organic Matter (OM) :22.89

Instructions for use

Irrigation fertilizer
soluble Fertilizer
Herbicide carrier
4-6 liters per hectare depending on the product
200-400 milliliters per 100 liters of water
0.5 to 1 liter per hectare
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Advantages of using MC Biofert

maturation,enhance the maturation plant resistance to environmental stress, improves nutrient absorption, strengthens the plant’s protect system, increases germination, improves both quantity and quality of the crop, enhances the effect of herbicides.

Fertilizer registration number: 31820

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