Liquid Chicken Manure

Liquid Chicken Manure

Decomposition Analysis(W/W٪) (W/V٪)

Nitrogen Total (N) : 6.54، 7.76

Phosphorus Soluble in Water (P2O5) : 3.43، 4.07

Potassium Soluble in Water (K2O) : 3.88، 4.61

Organic Matter (OM) : 10.38، 12.32

Organic Carbon (OC) : 6.04 ، 7.16

Humic acid: 2.76 3.28

Instructions for use

soluble Fertilizer
Vegetable and greenhouse fertilization
15 to 25 liters per hectare
Decorative Plants
10 to 15 liters per hectare
fruit tree
10 to 20 liters per hectare
Foliar Fertilizer in Orchards
2 to 3 liters per 1000 liters of water
150 liters per hectare
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arezouye Bahar chicken liquid fertilizer is obtained from the best chicken manure by fermentation method with the latest equipment. This fertilizer contains all the nutrients needed by the plant and also helps to improve the soil by having organic matter and humic acid.

Advantages of liquid chicken manure:

Increasing the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms – increasing the absorption of nutrients compatible with the environment – with high carbon and organic matter – increasing the performance and efficiency of photosynthesis –
Increasing the plant’s resistance to environmental stresses – not clogging the drippers


Registered Code for Arzoye Bahar Liquid Fertilizer: 69222

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