MC Brotamix Bull

MC Brotamix Bull

Decomposition AnalysisW/W٪)

Nitrogen Total(N):4..14

Ammonium nitrogen(N-NH4) :0.39

Organic Nitrogen (ON): 3.75

Organic Matter (OM) : 17.33

soluble Iron (Fe):0.29

soluble zinc (Zn):0.34

soluble Manganese (Mn) : 0.29

soluble molybdenum (Mo): 0.01

soluble Boron (B) :0.61

Free Amino Acid : 10.63

Total Amino Acid :15.56

Instructions for use

soluble Fertilizer
Irrigation fertilizer
Between 150-300 ml per hectoliter
3 to 6 liters per hectare
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Advantages of using MC Brotamix Bull

Contains free amino acids and balanced proportions of essential micronutrients, suitable for organic farming, triple action: amino acids, fertilizer (organic), and enhancer.

Fertilizer registration number: 50454

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